Thursday, June 01, 2006

About me and Reflection of Session 1

Reflection of Session 1

  • This module is very interesting. After the first lesson, I realized "a picture is worth a thousand words." Information Visualization is the direct visualization of a representation of selected features or elements of complex multi-dimensional data. Data that can be used to create visualization includes text, image data, sound, voice, video or all kinds of numerical data.
  • In schooling, interactive visual representations are beneficial to subject teachers as well as teacher librarians. It provides powerful mediating tools in arousing the learning motivation among students. A lot of interactive visual activities relate with the data that has been visualized so that students can explore, discover and learn.
  • As a teacher librarian, interactive visual activities are useful for me to plan a reading program or collaborate the curriculum activities with teachers. So, I want to learn more.


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