Thursday, June 08, 2006

Reflection of Session 2

I have learnt a lot from session 2. Thanks for Dr. Churchill, the five visual displays of giant squid let us understand how to make a visual display more effective. It is impressing!

I agree with the points of Tufte and Lester. Tufte pointed out, “Visuals can communicate complex ideas with clarity, precision, efficiency and convey the most knowledge in the shortest time in the small space”. Well designed graphics or pictures are far more effective than words. They offer text and numbers as visual ideas rather than display of words and numbers. Also, creativity is crucial factor to visual design.

Visual Display is a good reflection in teaching as pictures invent to communicate complex thoughts. With invention of print words become more important that pictures. Teachers can integrate visual display into the curriculum. Students can remember the content by creating powerful pictures. I totally agree with the mention of Dr. Churchill --- if a visual representation is given to students for learning than there is a need for a teacher to prepare some additional questions or task that would direct them to seek information presented in appropriate ways (to support development of visual literacy).


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