Sunday, August 20, 2006

Our Reflection on Final Assignment by Susanna and Terrenz

Our Reflection on Final Assignment by Susanna and Terrenz

We've finished our learning object finally!
This is not easy for us to produce a learning object using FLASH because we know a little about this software before this course. We didn't believe we can produce a learning object using this sophisticated software! But with Daniel's and colleagues' help, we can produce our own FLASH finally!
Designing different kinds of learning resources is a part of our daily work. However, we don't know whether they are really effective or not as they are always be produced in hurry and we have no time to evaluate every piece of work we produced. In this time, we have to design and produce a learning object step by step. Therefore, we can think thoroughly and modify our work during different stages of our work.
Daniel and colleagues' suggestions and opinions do help us a lot. Through the use of BLOG, we can share our experiences and ideas with others freely and openly. We received many useful suggestions form colleagues and they did help us a lot. Quality of our learning object was improving and our final product was produced finally.
We are satisfied with the quality of our work but we know that there are still many rooms from improvement. Transmitting update and useful information and knowledge to students is one of our responsibilities. We will continue to explore different means to deliver information and knowledge interactively so that the quality of our teaching can be improved.


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Hey Terrenz, Happy merry christmas.
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